“My sister, Denise, is an alcoholic, a thief and a liar,” claims Terri. “My sister stole my mom’s jewelry and pawned it. It was $10,000 to buy back.”
Terri and her niece, Alexis, claim that 68-year-old Denise, who has been living with their 86-year-old mom and 87-year-old dad for 15 years, mooches off her parents and is a hoarder.

“Denise room is an absolute pigsty. You can barely see the floor,” Alexis says. “My aunt Denise’s behavior has completely broken our family.”
See what Terri and Alexis say in the video above.
OnOn Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Denise who says she’s not a mooch. And, Denise’s son and parents plead with her to change her life, but is Denise ready to change? Check local listings to see where you can watch “America’s Oldest Moocher?”  

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