“My sister, Stephanie, is crazy, paranoid, delusional,” claims Ryann.

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Ryann and her mother, Jode, claim Stephanie has a history of meth use – including giving birth to a baby addicted to the drug -- and that her behavior -- being arrested for allegedly stealing a car and over 100 keys from a car dealership, being arrested for allegedly resisting arrest, and saying she believes the Italian Mafia is protecting her from stalkers -- is ruining her life and causing her to be a danger to herself and her children.

“Every time the phone rings, I’m afraid I’m getting that phone call that something has happened to her,” says Jode, who is currently raising Stephanie’s daughter and was recently awarded temporary guardianship.

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Ryann and Jode say they worry Stephanie may be suffering from a mental illness. “She creates these paranoid conspiracy theories to explain away everything that she does,” Ryann says, claiming that her sister blames a toddler in the neighborhood for stealing her cash, says that their mom is not actually her mom and that the Sheriff’s department put her in protective custody.

“My whole family is worried about her,” Ryann says.

Stephanie, however, says her sister is just an evil mini version of their mother, and she is sick and tired of both of their unfounded and ridiculous accusations.

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