Margaret says her 22-year-old son, Tommy, was a good kid growing up, but now claims he’s “volatile, impulsive, angry and confrontational.”


“When I divorced his father, Tommy was in third grade. That’s when things started to change,” says Margaret. She claims by seventh grade he started to spin out of control. “Tommy threatened to blow up another kid’s house.”

“Tommy has always had anger issues,” says his father, Tom. He claims Tommy was never a “normal” kid, saying, “He was a little quirky, and a little off.”

“Tommy has always been aggressive, but he’s becoming frightening for what he might do to himself, or to other people,” says Tom.

Margaret says when she and her current husband, David, moved to Las Vegas, Tommy lived with them for three years, until David told him to leave. Later, she says Tom also threw him out.

Why does Tommy say he decided to live in a tent in the desert? Tune in to Dr. Phil on Monday.

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