Rhea says her son, Matthew, had a job, lived on his own and was successful until he started dating Kaden, a woman 24 years older than him. Now, she says he is living in an RV, sometimes doesn’t take showers for weeks and is panhandling to survive. And, Rhea says she’s only spoken to her son a few times over the last year.

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“Kaden is purposely isolating my son from his family,” Rhea claims. “I do not know why Matthew chooses to live this way or be with Kaden.”

Rhea’s mother, Debbi, claims she is also worried for Matthew’s safety.

“Kaden is manipulating Matthew and I don’t know how to stop it,” claims Debbi, who calls Kaden “crazy.” “Kaden is keeping him hostage,” she alleges.

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Kaden says she’s not taking advantage of Matthew; she’s just trying to protect him from what she calls sociopathic mothering.

However, Rhea and Debbi claim Kaden constantly asks them for money to take care of Matthew.

“When Kaden realizes that I’m not going to send her any money, she flips out,” Rhea says. “Kaden constantly harasses me via text messages. Kaden has sent me photos of my son panhandling for money.”

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Rhea says that Kaden has started an organization to help trauma victims, but Rhea says she questions its authenticity. “I think “Mama Trauma Justice Project” is a big scam. I made some phone calls to find out who was this Kaden person. None of the legitimate organizations that I contacted had ever heard of her,” Rhea claims. “She’s not who she claims to be.”

On Friday’s episode, Rhea and Debbi see Matthew for the first time in a-year-and-a-half. And, hear why Kaden says she believes Matthew was abused as a child and why she believes she’s the only person helping Matthew. Check here to see where you can watch.

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