Wendy claims her son, Grant, has a history of abusing alcohol and women.

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Grant admits to being an alcoholic. And, he says, he’s always enjoyed chaos in his life. “I like to bring the worst out in people just to make it an even more hectic environment.”

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Grant’s pregnant girlfriend, Korin, says she gets angry with Grant because “he keeps picking alcohol over his family.” Korin has already lost primary custody of her older daughter, and now, she worries that the couple is in jeopardy of losing the child they have together and the one on the way. “I should have left a long time ago and stayed gone,” says Korin. “But I keep coming back.” Korin says Grant is the love of her life.

Wendy claims Korin is a “drama queen” who thrives on Grant’s chaos and doesn’t help matters by “stirring the pot.” Wendy, who says she’s concerned for the safety of her grandchildren, exclaims she’s “sick and tired of being stuck in the middle of their relationship.”

See the video above as Dr. Phil challenges Korin to take a hard look at Grant, at herself, and their relationship. Tune in to Dr. Phil on Tuesday to watch the whole story unfold. Check local listings, here.

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