Tara Lambert claims that once she married Brandon Lambert, his ex constantly involved them in legal battles regarding Brandon’s two daughters. Tara decided she wanted to scare Kellie Cooke to get her to leave the family alone, so, she says she enlisted the help of Ginny, a former high school classmate.

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Ginny, who says she agreed to call Cooke, recalls what occurred on the phone call. “I, just, immediately started yelling at her, told her that if she doesn’t stop, that she was going to have problems, and that I was going to find her and fight her, and that if she didn’t leave Tara alone, I was going to curb stomp her face,” she says. “I actually told her she wouldn’t walk away; she would be in the hospital with a feeding tube.”

Ginny claims that after the phone call, she reported back to Tara and was surprised by her response.

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“I remember her words, like it was yesterday, because I remember thinking how stupid it sounded, but she said that she wished that she could kill Kellie and just legally get away with it,” Ginny claims.

Tara claims that she never said anything of the sort.

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Monday, Tara speaks out about her murder-for-hire plot. And, the victim, Kellie Cooke, and Ginny sit down together for the first time in an exclusive interview to tell their stories. And on Tuesday, see video of the undercover police sting in which Tara was laughing as she requested Cooke be put through a wood chipper. Check here to see where you can watch.

‘I Wanted Someone To Beat Her Up,’ Tara Lambert Says About Ex-Friend She Hired A Hitman To Kill