“My ex-husband, Chad, is manipulative, untrustworthy. He is a pathological liar, but he’s also charming,” claims Stacie.

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She has been divorced from Chad since 2011, and says now their 17-year-old twin daughters don’t want to see their father.

“Now that the girls are older, they’ve started to see things for themselves and who Chad really is,” Stacie says. She claims they’ve seen him use women and call them degrading names, and that he has a bad temper. “The girls are scared, at times, to see him … They never know from one second to the next if he’s going to be the fun dad, or if he’s going to be screaming at them.”

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Stacie says it’s been eight months since Autumn and Madison have seen their father, and she’s not sure what the future holds.

“He has messaged them on social media sites. He started showing up at their events. They are paranoid to run into him,” Stacie says. “I tell them to be respectful to their dad, but I struggle because I know what he’s capable of.”

Chad denies stalking his daughters and says he doesn't harass them, but calls them because he just wants to be a part of their lives. He claims that Stacie makes it difficult and blames her for influencing the girls and trying to "erase" him from their lives.

Hear more from Stacie in the video above. And on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what happens when Autumn and Madison come face-to-face with their father on Dr. Phil’s stage. Check here to see where you can watch.

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