“Ryan manipulates me. He mooches off me. He asks for things all the time,” says claims Suzanne of the man she calls her boyfriend.

She says she’s paid for meals, trips, laptops, and given him money since meeting him five months ago, “I think he’s just being nice so he can have the car and the ring and whatever else he wants.”

Ryan has not yet said to Suzanne what he openly tells Dr. Phil: He’s letting her believe they’re in a romantic relationship until he can finally collect a diamond ring and expensive car he says Suzanne’s “identical twin,” Michelle, left him in her will.


“I have probably asked for the items in the will 30 – 40 times,” says Ryan. “Suzanne has left me with a ton of broken and empty promises.”

Ryan says he wasn’t aware his online friend, Michelle, even had a twin until after she passed away and Suzanne contacted him.
When Suzanne mixes up the basic details of their lives – including her sister’s name - her claim that she’s Michelle’s identical twin starts to unravel.

Part one of this captivating two-part Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Find your local listing here.

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