Melissa says her 3-month-old grandson, Lucas, died in May 2020 of a severe brain injury which the coroner determined to be consistent with shaken baby syndrome. Her son, Steven, says he is currently under investigation in the baby’s death and denies harming his son.

Steven, who adamantly denies hurting his son, admits he was home alone with Lucas for several hours the evening before the baby was hospitalized. Melissa says she doesn’t believe that Steven would be capable of hurting his child and alleges that his girlfriend, Elke, is responsible for the baby’s death, which Elke adamantly denies.

“She seemed relieved, to be honest. Lighter. Happier,” claims Melissa, describing her perceptions of Elke’s behaviors following Lucas’s funeral.

When Dr. Phil says, “So, you’re basically accusing her of murder,” how does Melissa respond?

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “’My 3-Month-Old Grandson Was Murdered; Who is To Blame?’” airs Thursday. And on Friday’s conclusion, “’Who Killed Baby Lucas?’,” Elke says she’s pregnant with the couple’s second child. What does Melissa say she intends to do once her grandchild is born?

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WATCH: Woman Insists Infant Grandson’s Death Wasn’t Her Son’s Fault

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