Bailey claims Michigan State University discouraged her from going to the police when she reported that three student-athletes had sexually assaulted her. She claims she was told she should focus on getting herself “back to normal.”

Bailey also asserts she was told that if she decided to move forward with charges, she would be “swimming with some really big fish.” She says she felt she had no other options.

“I gave it a couple of months. It got very, very bad, where I did have to seek in-patient care,” she says. Eventually, Bailey says she dropped out of school and gave up her dream of becoming a sports journalist.

Watch Tuesday’s conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil, “Athletes Behaving Badly or Targets for False Accusations?” to see what Bailey says she did next, then click below to read the university’s response.

Statement From The Deputy Spokesperson For Michigan State University

And later, hear from one attorney who says student-athletes are easy targets of false allegations and another who says the women she represents are often too afraid to report sexual assault for fear of harassment and retaliation.

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