Teri says her pregnant daughter, Ashley, and Ashley’s boyfriend, Hector, currently live in Teri’s garage. She claims Ashely and Hector are abusing drugs and alcohol, and that Hector is physically abusive toward Ashley, all of which Ashley adamantly denies.

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But Teri claims she has proof. On Monday’s episode, she shares, photos, and a video of Ashley that she claims show Ashley accusing Hector of hitting her hard enough to injure her.

“I get drunk, and I get sloppy, and I sometimes hit him, but he hits – he hits me hard. He’s hit me hard, he broke my jaw,” claims Ashley in the video above.

But when Ashley is confronted with the video, she denies she was talking about Hector.

“You totally edited that,” she accuses Teri.

Why does Ashley claim she wasn't talking about Hector? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil.

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