Lacey claims she started hearing voices in 2013 shortly after giving birth to her daughter and says she has heard them most days since. She claims the voices, who she calls her “voyeurs,” watch and harass her constantly. In the Spring of 2015, says Lacey, they even encouraged her to divorce her then-husband, Andrew. 

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“Lacey's voices are distractions,” says Andrew. “They’re nonexistent, and they affect her relationship with me and my daughter.”

Andrew claims Lacey is hard to get along with and says he avoids discussing the topic of her “voyeurs.”
“It is irrational, and it's just something I don't even want to feed into,” he says.

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Nearly three years after they divorced Lacey says she and Andrew are back together and talking about getting remarried. Andrew says he loves Lacey with all his heart, but is he willing to marry Lacey again?  

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