Trisha claims she suffers from depression and bipolar disorder, and often isolates. She says one of the few outlets she has is streaming her daily life to nearly 2,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, Truthfully Trisha. Most subscribers are supporters she says, but some she characterizes as “haters” who she claims call her names, bully, and harass her.

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Wendy is one of Trisha’s subscribers, but she’s not a fan. She describes Trisha as a “Narcissistic, selfish, delusional attention-seeking bully,” who she claims uses the platform to tell lies about other people and “ruin lives.”

“We did an investigative podcast,” says Wendy referring to a streaming video she and two other Truthfully Trisha followers produced. Wendy claims that Trisha has a long history of bullying people online.

“Years of her bullying through Facebook, through YouTube,” says Wendy. “Comment after comment after comment of people that she has hurt because of her videos.”

Trisha denies Wendy’s claims and says Wendy and her other "haters" are an “online gangster crew.”

Why does Wendy say she’ll continue to follow Trisha’s online activities? Tune in to part two of this two-part Dr. Phil, Tuesday. And if you missed part one, catch up here. Check here to find out where to watch.

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