“Since I was 19, Angie has accused me of cheating with Joe,” says Leslie, who denies having an affair with Joe. “Angie is delusional.”

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Angie claims 21-year-old Leslie – a former friend of her daughter -- is in love with her husband, Joe, and is the “mastermind” behind the affair she’s convinced they’re having. Angie says she bought a noise-control audio recorder and captured audio that proves Joe is being unfaithful with Leslie. “I heard Joe and Leslie having sex in my room,” she claims.

Leslie says Angie started harassing her with text messages claiming that she was sleeping with Joe – but she was pregnant and at home on bed rest. “I don’t want anything to do with Joe. I want Angie to leave me alone,” Leslie says.

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In the video above, Leslie and Angie come face-to-face on Dr. Phil’s stage. Why does Leslie say she believes Angie targeted her? And, hear the reasons Leslie gives that she says prove she didn't have an affair with Joe. 
On Monday’s episode, see a video recording that Angie claims is proof that Leslie is having an affair with her husband. And on Tuesday, Angie asks Leslie and Joe to take a polygraph exam. Will they agree? Check here to see where you can watch.

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