Missy claims she and her husband were forced to take temporary custody of their two young nieces because the girls’ parents, her brother Chris and sister-in-law, Katie, would rather be drug addicts than responsible parents. Watch their story here.

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However, Chris and Katie say they are good parents who have never put their daughters in harm’s way, despite being addicted to heroin. Watch their story here.

In the video above, Dr. Phil shows Chris and Katie photographs of their former living conditions. When Chris looks away and claims that they are a misrepresentation of what the home actually looked like, Missy confronts him and Katie.

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“The day that I picked the girls up, the house was worse than that,” Missy says. “Look at me, both of you! You both know that. You have to see this. You are not going to get better. Your kids are going to live the rest of their life without you. I don’t want to raise your kids.”

She begs her brother to admit to his behavior.

“Open your eyes, and look and say, ‘I let my kids live like that, and I’m ready to get help,’” she pleads.

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Watch the video above to see more of their impassioned exchange. Are Chris and Katie willing to get help? This episode airs Friday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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