Monica says she’s convinced her father, John, molested her as a child. She claims she had blocked out the memories but says she regained them after she began seeing a therapist when she was 13. Monica admits to making statements to police in which she stated she didn’t remember being abused by her father and had only been fed information by her mother, Danuta, but claims she lied when she told them that.

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Danuta, who claims she witnessed her ex-husband touching Monica inappropriately when she was a baby also accuses him of being abusive toward her and molesting their son when he was 6. John adamantly denies ever touching either of his children inappropriately and took a polygraph to help clear his name.

“He scored a plus 11 that he’s not ever touched either of his children for sexual purposes,” Dr. Phil tells Monica, revealing her father passed the polygraph. “Having been through all of this evidence,” he continues, “I have to say from the standpoint of a forensic investigator, I agree with this test.”

How does Monica respond to hearing that her father passed the polygraph? Will she agree to let him back into her life?

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This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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