“My mother made very bad choices with the men she brought into our lives,” claims Dustin of his mom, Sonya.

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Dustin's sister, Nova, claims their mother “put us after any man that she was with at the time.”

WATCH ‘I Wasn’t Capable Of Taking Care Of Them Anymore,’ Says Mom Accused Of Abandoning Her Kids

Sonya admits she made some bad choices in men, but vehemently denies her children’s claims that she neglected them, didn’t feed them, or that she locked her younger kids, Nova and Chance, out of the house before allegedly abandoning them when they were just 13 and 14 years old.

Dustin says that when he was 18, the state gave him temporary guardianship of his siblings.

“The things that we had we didn’t have because of Sonya,” says Nova, who credits Dustin with taking care of them. “He was always working to make sure that Chance and I had everything that we needed.”

How does Sonya respond to her children’s accusations when they meet face-to-face on Wednesday’s Dr. Phil?

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‘Our Entire Lives Have Been Paying For Your Mistakes,’ Says Son To Mom He Claims Neglected Him And His Siblings