Lucy says her new boyfriend, Ken, treats her well and, despite her family’s objections, doesn’t see anything wrong with the fact that the man she is dating is the ex-husband of her daughter, Cheryl.

“How dare my daughter judge me for my decision to be happy,” Lucy says. “Ken takes very good care of me.”

Cheryl claims that once she separated from Ken, her ex-husband and her mother started dating shortly thereafter.

“I was shocked and betrayed. I felt like she turned her back on me,” Cheryl says.

Lucy says Ken allowed her to feel comfortable.

“In the beginning, it was a relationship that we were very much just friends,” Lucy explains. “He allowed me to … kind of give me some guidance to be the person I was looking for. I wasn’t allowed to speak my mind in the past. In the past, I wasn’t allowed to do anything … Ken allowed me to be more vocal, taught me to be more vocal, and we were just friends.”

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Soon, however, Lucy says she and Ken became more than just friends.

“We are affectionate to each other. Hand holding once in a while. A hug once in a while,” she explains, adding that although they live together, she says they are “not sexually intimate.”

Lucy’s granddaughter, Hope, says she also objects to her grandmother’s relationship and claims the relationship has divided her family.

“I feel like my grandmother chose Ken over my mom,” Hope says. “I am very scared for my grandmother. I worry all the time that she might say something, she might talk to the wrong person – I know that he is very capable of hurting my grandmother,” claims Hope. “I would like him to be out of her life.”

Lucy says in no uncertain terms that Ken has never been abusive toward her – and she says to her family that she should be free to date whoever she wants.

“I am an adult and I feel that me, as being an adult, and this is a free country, that I am divorced now, he is divorced now, and we get along,” Lucy says. “Whatever reason, we get along.”

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