When deadly wildfires ripped through areas of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee in late 2016, they claimed the lives of over a dozen people, injured scores more, and left hundreds homeless.

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Gatlinburg resident Darlene says she lost her home, cars, and business in the fire. Vicky, who is also from Gatlinburg, says she’s lucky because only her job was affected. The two women say they joined an online support group for victims of the fire run by Melinda, but claims they were both soon banned.

Melinda says she removed the pair from her group and claims they accused her of lying to get donations. “They’re telling people that I’m a scammer, a con-artist, and I am committing fraud.”

Darlene and Vicky claim Melinda only pretended to suffer a loss in the fire, and then collected around $600 from an online fundraiser. They’re accusing her of taking advantage and say the money should have gone toward helping others in their community.

“By the grace of God my home was not destroyed,” says Melinda, who claims she and her family barely made it out of the wildfires alive. Melinda says her home suffered a lot of smoke damage. “A generous woman created an online fund saying I had lost everything.”

Melinda admits she received the donated money which she says she used to help with cleanup and replacing damaged items. She claims that Darlene and Vicky are bullying her and others online.

Can Dr. Phil help resolve the conflict between Melinda and her accusers?

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