Tyler says his girlfriend, Cherylyn, takes everything he earns. “In the four years that I’ve been with Cherylyn, I’ve given her at least $100,000,” he says. Cherylyn says it’s more like $40,000. Tyler also claims to have taken out several loans to help Cherylyn pay off her bills, but says those bills never got paid. The 19-year-old admits she’s currently about $25,000 in debt.

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. “If I ever told her that we weren’t able to go out and do anything, she would get mad and upset and threaten to go out and do something on her own - and spend more money that she couldn’t even get her hands on,” says Tyler.

He’s accusing Cherylyn of stealing his financial information while he’s asleep. “I have bank statements showing all the account money that’s been transferred out of my bank account into her PayPal so that she could purchase stuff on the internet.”

Cherylyn denies the allegation and says she doesn’t have access to Tyler’s account.

“Y’all need to stop playing victims over here,” she says both to Tyler, and to her mother, Joey, on Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.

Joey claims her daughter pawned family heirlooms for cash and stole her identity to open up online gambling accounts. Cherylyn admits she sold her mother’s family jewelry but denies stealing her social security number. She claims Joey gave it to her.

When Cherylyn is sent on a unique "girl’s night out" in Las Vegas with special correspondent, Rosie Mercado, does she appreciate the potential consequences of her spending habits? Tune in to Wednesday’s episode.

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