Tricia, a recovering heroin addict, served two-and-a-half years of a three-year sentence for reckless homicide. She claims she’s been clean and sober for three years, has a stable job, a car and a two-bedroom apartment; and says she’s ready to bring her two daughters, ages nine and 13, home to live with her again. Tricia’s sister, Christy, says she has legal custody of the girls and won’t ever give them back.

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Claiming that her sister isn’t stable enough to have her daughters back, Christy says Tricia hasn’t seen or spoken to her children since last Thanksgiving; but Tricia claims that’s because Christy won’t allow her to have contact with them.

“I went over to Christy’s house on Thanksgiving for dinner. My youngest asked for a glass of water, and Christy flipped, yelled at her, I knew she had been drinking,” claims Tricia, who accuses Christy of being an alcoholic who verbally abuses and treats her daughters “like slaves,” while treating her own children far better.

“Christy thinks her kids are better than my kids,” she continues. “My children spend most of their time in the basement because that’s pretty much the only place they’re allowed to be. Her son has his own room, her daughter has her own room, and then my children sleep in the attic.”

Christy denies her sister’s accusations, claiming that Tricia is jealous of her, “Because I have a good relationship with all of the kids.”

When another family member claims Christy shouldn’t have custody of Tricia’s children, how does she respond?

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‘I’m Allowed To Go Out And Drink,’ Says Woman Whose Sister Claims She’s An Alcoholic Who Neglects Her Kids