Pamela claims her ex-husband, Pete, contributed to the suicide of their 15-year-old son, Peter Jr., by “abandoning” him and their older son, Joseph, when she says he left her to take up with his second wife, Lori.

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Pete strongly denies Pamela’s claims and says he feels Pamela’s to blame. He’s claiming she told him “that she would do everything in her power to turn my children against me - to make them hate me, which Pamela denies.

On Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil asks Pete, “Do you in your wildest dream or theory believe that she would want your son to be dead?”

When Pete answers “yes,” how does Pamela respond? And what does Joseph say to his father when Pete says that Pamela loved Peter Jr. more than him?

Part two of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Tuesday.

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