Christy has had legal custody of her sister, Tricia’s, daughters since Tricia went to prison for reckless homicide. Tricia claims they had a verbal agreement that her children would be transitioned back to her care once she was on her feet, but Christy denies the agreement ever existed. She says she’s keeping the girls, and Tricia won’t ever get them back.

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Christy and Tricia’s brother, Mark, claims Christy is an alcoholic who neglects and verbally abuses Tricia’s children, which she adamantly denies. Mark also claims Christy is a “pathological liar” who faked a pregnancy in court.

Christy insists she was pregnant and had a miscarriage.

“The ex-husband said, ‘I knew Christy wasn’t pregnant because she got her tubes tied,’” Dr. Phil reads in a statement from Christy’s ex-husband.

Christy says she had one of her tubes tied 15 years ago but claims it "came undone." How does she explain a claimed pregnancy and miscarriage in 2016?

And what does Christy’s ex-boyfriend allege about their relationship and her treatment of Tricia’s children?

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