Shelly’s daughters, Holli, Heather, and Hillary, claim their mother is a violent alcoholic who can drink as many as 30 shots of vodka a day.

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“I know my drinking can be a problem, but I don’t have to drink,” says Shelley who claims she doesn’t consume nearly as much alcohol as her family says she does.

Her daughters also claim Shelly has a history of physically and verbally abusing them and their father, John. “She wasn’t your typical loving mother,” says Hillary claiming Shelly “just kept getting more mean and abusive” as the years went on.

Heather says, “My mom has always told me that she hated me my whole childhood,” adding, “She would say she wished I was never born or that I would die.”

Shelly adamantly denies abusing her family and says she loves Heather. Why does she say she feels like John and her daughters have ganged up on her? Tune in to Friday’s Dr. Phil.

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