Lorie and her husband, Dan, say their marriage is strained since Lorie reunited with her 26-year-old biological son, John, two years ago. Lorie was 15 when she placed John for adoption.

Dan says Lorie and John’s relationship is inappropriate because, he claims, they act more like girlfriend-boyfriend than mother and son.

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Lorie admits she and John are affectionate and that they hug, kiss and cuddle on the couch, but she adamantly denies there is anything inappropriate about their bond.

“My family will say we’re gross, disgusting – creepy, and I don’t feel that at all,” she says, adding, “If you don’t like me and my son hugging or cuddling, then look the other way.”

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“That’s crossing boundaries,” says Dr. Phil after reviewing video of Lorie and John cuddling on the couch.

When Dr. Phil asks Lorie to explain why she is physically affectionate with John in certain ways, but not with her daughters, how does she respond?

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