Ashleigh says her whole life “has been nothing but sexual abuse and trauma and drug addiction.” The 28-year-old claims she was recently put on a feeding tube because she was “acting out” on the eating disorder she says she developed as a teenager. She says she was feeling anxious, angry and hurt by her sister-in-law, Krysti. “That was my way to cope. - I just stopped eating, and so I had to get a feeding tube placed.”

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Krysti, her husband, Jacob, and their infant son live with Jacob’s parents, Kristin and Owen, as does Ashleigh. Krysti claims Ashleigh is on drugs and says she believes her sister-in-law was using the feeding tube as a means of getting attention. “The first time she got the feeding tube - just a couple of hours after getting it placed- She posted pictures of it on social media outlets, “says Krysti.

“Everyone in the family has bombarded me my whole life of, ‘Oh you’re doing this for attention –oh you’re doing this for attention,’" says Ashleigh who denies her sister-in-law’s allegation. “Look at my past. Look at what I’ve been through. Nobody was paying attention.”

Why does Krysti claim Ashleigh doesn’t have an eating disorder and doesn’t act like a victim of sexual assault? And why has she accused her sister-in-law of plotting to steal her baby? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil.

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I Never Had Any Plan Or Intentions To Kidnap My Nephew,’ Says Woman Whose Sister-In-Law Accuses Her Of Plotting To Steal Her Baby