Kristen claims she has been abused by her family her entire life. She also claims her mother, Theresa, and sister, Susie, are “rattlesnakes” who poisoned her daughter, Brittney, against her.

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Claiming that Kristen is “Explosive, angry all the time, and paranoid,” Theresa says, “The whole family avoids her because she’s mean.”

Susie claims that Kristen has destroyed her relationships with Brittney and the rest of the family with verbal and emotional abuse.

Susie also claims that Kristen once told her ex-husband, “That he should kill all three of our children, kill my boyfriend, kill me – and then commit suicide.” She says she got a temporary protective order against Kristen.

Kristen adamantly denies everything and accuses Susie of “Lying through her teeth.”

What Does Susie’s ex-husband say?

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