Ed claims his 23-year-old stepdaughter, Katelyn, has an unstable life and can’t take care of herself, let alone a child.

Noting that he and Katelyn’s mother, Sandy, have had legal guardianship of her 20-month-old son for the past year, he says that when they told Katelyn about the guardianship, she accused Sandy of stealing her child.

“It makes me a little angry because we have no intentions to this day of keeping that baby from her forever,” he says, adding, “The idea behind Sandy bringing our grandson home was so that Katelyn could get on her feet and provide for him.”

Ed claims that Katelyn doesn’t provide a stable environment for her child because she moves frequently, and changes jobs every few months.

Katelyn vehemently denies Ed’s claims. She asserts that she has a full-time job and her own apartment, but needs help affording child care.

When Dr. Phil asks Katelyn why she moved three hours from where her son is and has only seen him three times in the past year, how does she respond?

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