Danielle’s family and friends say she is spiraling out of control. They claim the 21-year-old drives while intoxicated, has violent rages in which she hurts herself and others – and refuses to take any of her prescription medications.

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“I’m very afraid of my own daughter,” says her mother, Lora. “When Danielle goes into these fits of rage, she is extremely uncontrollable. Her pupils dilate, and she will scream and shake. It’s very scary.”

Lora claims Danielle nearly broke her wrist once, and now she does her best to avoid her.

Lora confirms what Danielle’s father, David, has also said: their daughter has problems that began around age 7.

“She says, ‘Mommy, I’m hearing these voices, and they’re telling me to take pencils and stab my sisters in the eyes.’ She said, ‘But Mommy, that’s bad, and I know that’s bad and I don’t want to hurt them because they’re my sisters, but I don’t want to hear those voices anymore, Mommy. They’re mean.’”

Lora says she and David have tried to get help for their daughter for years, but nothing has worked.

“Doctor after doctor, therapist after therapist, she goes for a short while, and she has never got anything out of it,” says Lora. “She’s like, ‘Nothing just clicks, Mom. Nothing clicks.’

Does Danielle say she wants help?

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