Jordan says that her eating disorder is her identity. At 75 pounds and 5’6”, the 23-year-old says that the thought of gaining weight is scarier than dying. She admits that she restricts her food intake – only eating about 160 calories a day – that she gets a “high” from losing weight, and loves seeing the bones sticking out from her body.

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Jordan says that her eating disorder, whom she refers to as Ana, is not only her best friend, but also serves as a daily advisor encouraging her to continue to starve herself.

“It’s just somebody who’s critiquing me on a constant of either, ‘Hey, you did do good; you didn’t eat a lot today.’ Or, ‘Hey, like, you ate more than you should have, so you’re disgusting,’” Jordan explains to Dr. Phil on Monday’s episode.

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In the video above, Anna further describes her relationship with Ana. And, the young woman admits that she hasn’t gotten better to spite her mother.

On Monday’s episode, see what happens when Jordan comes face-to-face with her mother and stepfather who say they are fed up with her behavior. And on Tuesday, Jordan reveals how she believes her stepfather has turned her mother against her. Plus, find out why Jordan’s family has concerns about the boyfriend she has turned to for support. Check here to see where you can watch.

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How A Young Woman’s Obsession With Her Eating Disorder Is Tearing Apart Her Relationship With Her Mom