Tammi says she and her former fiancé, Chris, had been broken up for eleven months when he assaulted her with a meat tenderizing hammer.

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She says the last thing she remembers before the attack was that she and Chris were having a conversation, and when she went to show him a photo on her phone, “I have a feeling that he grabbed my phone when I brought it to him unlocked to show him that picture.”

She says the next thing she recalls is getting hit in the back of the head.

“He had to have hit me at least ten times,” says Tammi, who claims Chris was reading private messages aloud from her phone between blows. “Telling me, ‘Why would you need to ever see this person,’ and, ‘Why would you ever need to date anyone but me? I’ve been perfect to you.’”

Tammi says she suffered multiple injuries including a concussion and broken vertebrae in her neck, but remembers thinking about her daughter, Taylor, “And just knowing I had to live.”

Two years after the attack, Chris is serving a 12-year prison sentence for first-degree assault. Why does Tammi say she still doesn’t feel safe?

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‘I Had A Really Bad Feeling That Something Was Wrong,’ Says Daughter Of Assault Victim