On June 15, 1984, Jodie’s older sister, Reesa, was brutally murdered. Jodie, who was 13 at the time, says the day started off typical with her and Reesa hanging out with some of Reesa’s friends in their house before Reesa went next door to their grandparents’ house.

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“I was in my bedroom. I heard my grandfather screaming. I looked out the window, and he was coming out the front door. His hands were in fists, and he was just screaming hysterically,” Jodie recalls. “I ran back next door and I saw my sister in their spare bedroom. The entire room was just covered in blood. It was a horrible sight, and I saw my sister on the floor. She was mostly covered with a blanket. I could see part of her face and her hair.”

According to reports, Reesa, who was 15, was stabbed 18 times.

Jodie says the next thing she knew, she was a main suspect in her sister’s murder.

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“Right after her funeral, the detectives started interrogations with me. They would just make me go through details of the day over and over,” Jodie says. “I felt like they had it in for me.”

To this day, Reesa’s killer has not been found, and the case remains a cold case. Jodie adamantly denies any involvement in her sister's murder. 

Jodie says for the last 34 years, townspeople haven’t stopped gossiping and accusing her of murdering her only sibling. On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, she confronts a woman who says she believes Jodie killed her sister. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Woman Describes Hearing Her Grandfather’s Screams And Learning Her Older Sister Had Been Murdered