Aileen says she and her husband, Jordan, were on their way to church one Sunday morning when they were rear-ended. She says the man who hit them, D’Angelo Dorsey, carjacked them, held them at gunpoint, and made the couple take him to their home before driving on a deserted road where he killed Jordan.
Aileen, who was four months pregnant at the time, says she was then left alone with her husband’s killer for hours. In a Dr. Phil daytime exclusive airing Wednesday, the young mom-to-be describes what happened as Dorsey drove her at 100 miles per hour while she says he drank and did drugs with a gun on his lap. Watch the video above. Plus, hear how she was eventually rescued.
On Wednesday, Aileen describes more of her harrowing ordeal. And, Dr. Phil offers her advice on how she can move forward to be the best mom to her soon-to-be born daughter. Watch more here. Check here to see where you can watch Dr. Phil.

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