Brandi, a 42-year-old divorced mom of two, says she’s had two felony charges, two more felonies pending, several arrests and multiple DUIs on her record.

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Both her mother, Stephanie, and her former husband, Victor, claim Brandi is an alcoholic who becomes violent when she drinks. Brandi admits she sometimes becomes “volatile” when she’s been drinking, but adamantly denies being an alcoholic.

On Thursday’s episode Brandi admits when she recently found out the a man she’d been living with was still married to someone else, she took a .38 caliber revolver and shot up the bedroom. She says the man wasn’t there at the time.

“And so you thought, ‘okay, I’m gonna put my problem-solving skills into gear here,’" says Dr. Phil.

She responds, “Yeah, cause that’s pretty much how I deal with things.”

“I’m not proud of that, Dr. Phil,” she continues. “I’m putting it all out to figure out why.”

Is Brandi ready to admit she may have a problem with alcohol?

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