Lois’ daughter, Candice, says her mother puts herself in dangerous situations “for love,” which include meeting up with a stranger in a motel room to exchange $9,000 in cash for a suitcase. Lois says she met an associate of her former fiancé, “The General,” expecting to pick up luggage that he claimed to have sent from Afghanistan.

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“I was thinking cash. I knew there was gold and silver and some jewelry there – my wedding ring,” says Lois.

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Instead, she says, she never received the luggage but was presented with stacks of “white money” that require a special solution before they can be used.

Saying she was nervous about sending the “white money” to Dr. Phil producers, Lois nevertheless agreed to ship the safe she keeps it in to Los Angeles.

Tune in to part two of this three-part Dr. Phil airing Tuesday to see how Lois responds when the “white money” is tested.

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