Pamela admits she’s a cat collector. She and her husband currently have 15 cats living in their home, and she says she’s worried her cat obsession may cause the end of her fourth marriage. Pamela says it’s hard for her to leave the house for long periods of time because she fears something may happen to one of her felines. She says when she’s out, she’s constantly checking cameras in the home to see her animals, and she always feels the need to hurry back home to them.

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Why does Pamela say she believes she may have developed her obsession with cats? In the video above, she describes a few incidents during her childhood that may be contributing to her behavior.

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Is there a way for Pamela to have a healthy relationship with animals? See what Dr. Phil says on Wednesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Why A Woman May Be Overly Attached To Her Cats