Jill Easter, who now goes by Ava Everhart, and her ex-husband, Kent, were arrested for framing Kelli Peters, a former PTA president, after Kent planted drugs in Peters' car and called the police to have her arrested.

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But Everhart, although she pleaded guilty to fraud and deceit for her part in the ordeal, now denies knowing that drugs were being planted in Peters’ car.


“You had nothing to do with that?” Dr. Phil asks Everhart in an exclusive interview airing Wednesday.


“That’s right,” she replies. “They combed through everything that I ever owned and they never found any reference to it.”


“But they did find your DNA on the pills,” Dr. Phil points out.


Watch the video above as Everhart, who was convicted of false imprisonment, endeavors to explain to Dr. Phil how her DNA ended up on the drugs in Peters’ car.


On Wednesday’s episode, hear from Peters’ and how she says this “feud” has ruined her life.