Kristine claims she has lost “everything” and may lose her house because her husband, Jerry, is sending money to four women he met online. She says the women are half his age and beautiful – “not somebody that would give a man like him the time of day” – and she fears he is being catfished.

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In the video above from Wednesday's episode of Dr.Phil, Kristine shares her thoughts about the four women. And, hear how she says she communicated with one of them and why she claims she knows she wasn’t communicating with a woman.

On Wednesay's episode, hear from Jerry who insists these women are real and claims that he has even met one of them in person. And on Thursday, hear from one of the women behind the pictures. Is Jerry being catfished? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Woman Says She Believes Husband Is ‘Throwing Away’ Her Financial Future With Online Dating Scams