Bronwyn says that when she had her first child 13 years ago, her mom, Cassandra, would complain about everything she did as a mom and told her that she was unfit for parenthood. Bronwyn says that when her daughter was 6, she signed over guardianship of her to Cassandra, claiming that Cassandra convinced her to sign the documents saying that she would still be in her daughter’s life – but that didn’t happen.

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Now, Bronwyn claims Cassandra has teamed up with Brett, a man Bronwyn hooked up with a few times and father of her 6-year-old daughter, to “destroy” her once again, including by calling CPS and reporting about the way she claims Bronwyn cares for the little girl.

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How does Cassandra explain filing a CPS report against her own daughter? And, Dr. Phil reviews what Cassandra admitted to in court documents, including going into her daughter’s email and social media accounts and taking private information.

On Thursday's episode of Dr. Phil, can Dr. Phil get Bronwyn and Brett to come together for the best interest of their child? Check here to see where you can watch.

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