Brandi says when she first started dating her now ex-husband, Victor, he was already married to someone else. Then, after they were married, she claims he started cheating on her which he denies. She says she didn’t handle it well.

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“I took a hammer, and I went down into the recording studio and destroyed drums, guitars, the soundboard, cymbals … I literally cracked cymbals with a hammer. And then I proceeded to take pictures and post it all over social media.”

Brandi says she wound up being arrested and charged with criminal destruction of property, serving 42 days in jail and then going to rehab. She says Victor bailed her out of jail, paid her legal fees, “all my probation fines, and everything else.”

Now with a felony conviction on her record, why does Brandi say she doesn’t believe she should have gone to jail at all?

Part one of this two-part episode airs Wednesday. Check here to find out where you can watch. 

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