Cyndy says she fears her friend Mark has been duped out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a fake online girlfriend.

“He’s been scammed over $1 million,” claims Cyndy. She claims that Mark is being lured by someone posing as a young, attractive girl online to send money in exchange for two metal boxes which Mark believes contain millions in cash, jewelry and diamonds. “He’s doing it for this girl, to bring her and her riches to the states to live happily ever after with him.”

WATCH: Woman Believes Friend Has Been Scammed Out Of $1 Million – So Why Is She Sending Money For Him?

However, Mark says he is convinced he’s not being scammed. He says he’s just trying to help a friend get the boxes, which contain her inheritance, into the United States because she “needed help,” and she promised him he would get 50 percent of the money and jewels.

Cyndy says that after Mark got divorced, he visited an online dating website where he met “Kelly.” She says three days after they met, “Kelly” started asking Mark for money.

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“’Kelly’ told Mark that she needed help to get the boxes and herself over here from Nigeria to be with Mark, but that has not happened yet,” says Cyndy. “Mark is a smart doctor and he is loved by the whole town. I don’t know how Mark got sucked into this scheme. Mark believes wholeheartedly that he’s going to come into millions of dollars with a beautiful woman.”

In the video above, Cyndy tells Dr. Phil why she believes Mark is being scammed. On Monday’s episode, Mark tells Dr. Phil why he’s convinced he’s not being conned. And on Tuesday, the Dr. Phil show conducts a global investigation to determine where the boxes are. See what is discovered at the address that Mark gave for “Kelly” in Nigeria! Check here to see where you can watch.

The Dr. Phil show does not believe that the women in the photos that Mark says he received from “Kelly Smith” are scammers. Whoever they are, we want them to know their photos are being used to perpetrate a scam. If this is your picture, please reach out to us. It’s quite possible your photo is being used by other scammers.