Steven and his girlfriend, Elke, welcomed baby Lucas into their lives in 2020 and say he was never fussy, slept well, loved baths, and only cried during diaper changes. Then, one evening when Lucas was 3 months old, Elke and Steven say he didn’t look well, so Elke took him to the hospital the following morning. Lucas died several days later.

“Lucas was in a medically induced coma for three days,” says Steven’s mother, Melissa. “Doctors told Steven that Lucas no longer had brain activity and they needed to make the decision to take him off life support.”

Melissa says that Steven is now the subject of a homicide investigation.

“It makes me angry,” says Melissa, who is adamant that Steven had nothing to do with the baby’s death.

Watch the video above to find out what Melissa says the coroner determined to be the cause of Lucas’s death, and why she claims Elke is responsible. Elke adamantly denies that she would ever harm her child.

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “’My 3-Month-Old Grandson Was Murdered; Who is To Blame?’” airs Thursday. And on Friday’s conclusion, “’Who Killed Baby Lucas?’,” Elke says she’s pregnant. How does the couple say they feel about expecting less than a year after the death of their son?

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