Arielle, who says she has struggled with heroin dependency for over a decade, admits that she currently drinks alcohol and smokes marijuana with her mother, Donna.

Donna says that she doesn’t enable her daughter and insists that she’s supporting Arielle’s sobriety. She admits to smoking a blend of CBD and THC with Arielle and claims that it helps her and her daughter control their anxiety.

Arielle says that she is not addicted to marijuana and that she doesn’t have to smoke, but says she wants to learn how to cope with her anxiety and not go back to using heroin.

When Dr. Phil says, “There are alternatives to handling that anxiety,” how do Arielle and Donna respond? And later, Arielle says there is a family secret regarding her paternity. Tune in Tuesday for “Running on Empty: A Broken Family, Part 2” to hear her reveal what it is.

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