Michelle says that ever since her grandmother passed away four years ago, she’s noticed a huge change in her mother, Gail. Michelle says she didn’t realize how lonely her mom was until she started believing that she was in a relationship with multi-millionaire singer-songwriter Post Malone, who she has never met in person.

Michelle says she tried telling her mother that she wasn’t talking to the real Post Malone, stating, “‘This person is asking for money. Why would he need your money?’” but Gail insists she’s engaged to the celebrity.

“I don’t even feel like Dr. Phil can convince her that she’s not dating Post Malone,” says Michelle.

What does Michelle say her next step is if Dr. Phil can’t help persuade Gail that she is not in a relationship with the musician?

And later, Michelle says this isn’t the first time her mother has had an unhealthy “obsession” with a well-known musician. Watch Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “‘Post Malone’ Love Story or Scam?” to hear who Michelle says Gail’s celebrity crush was when Michelle was growing up.

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WATCH: ‘It’s Like Having A Teenaged Grandma,’ Says Woman Whose Grandmother Claims She’s Engaged To Post Malone

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