Nancy says she has been dating her online boyfriend, "Shaun," for the last two years but hasn’t met him in person because he is stuck in Dubai and doesn’t have $20,000 to get home.
Nancy’s son, Darcy, says he’s convinced his mother is being scammed. He says he even cut off communication with his mom because she wouldn’t stop communicating with "Shaun."

On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'Talk to Dr. Phil or We’re Done!'," Dr. Phil presents Nancy with evidence that her online love is a scam artist. See what happened – and Nancy’s reaction in the video above.
On Wednesday, "Catfish Controversy: A Mom and Son Face Off!" Nancy and Darcy speak face-to-face for the first time in over a year. Find out a secret Darcy has been hiding from Nancy about "Shaun." Will Nancy change her mind about "Shaun"? Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Mother And Son At Odds Over Mom’s Online Relationship See Each Other For First Time In Over A Year

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