James posted a video on social media showing his exchange with a couple who accused him of defacing private property while he was stenciling Black Lives Matter outside his home. The video went viral and the couple later issued public apologies for the incident.

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On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, Sandrella, a woman who was the subject of another viral video that resulted in her being labeled a “Karen" tells James, “You’re being racist toward people of my color, and I was born in Beirut, Lebanon.”

Watch: Neighbors Call Police When Man Stencils ‘Black Lives Matter’ Outside His Home

Watch the video above to hear Sandrella’s response when James asks her, “Do you agree that Black lives matter?”

Plus, hear Dr. Phil’s thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement, and why he says, “It’s past time that we, as a society, act to help address these issues.”

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