Shirley says she knows that her daughter, Laura, has been struggling with alcohol addiction for many years. She says she has allowed Laura to live at her home for the past eight months because Laura is actively staying sober.
“I’ve seen her work hard, and try hard, give it her everything, and still fail,” Shirley tells Dr. Phil on Friday’s episode, “Behind the Wheel: Drunk and Deadly.” “I know she wants sobriety more than anything but just cannot seem to achieve it.”

“How do you explain that she’s maintaining sobriety now?” Dr. Phil asks Shirley, who says she believes her daughter is about 80 days sober.
Hear Shirley's response in the video above. And, Dr. Phil reveals that Laura remained sober for 55 days but has been drinking again. Is Shirley surprised?

On Friday, Laura admits to driving under the influence thousands of times. See how she reacts when Dawn and her daughter, Katie, share their tragic story of when Dawn’s car was struck by a drunk driver severely injuring her and killing three of her children. Then, on Monday, “Addicted to Driving Drunk: Laura’s Final Decision,” another mother who lost her daughter to a drunk driver and the man who killed her daughter have a message for Laura. Will Laura change her life? Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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