Sarah says her family has misunderstood and rejected her, her entire life; starting with her parents’ divorce before she was born. “My whole life I was in the crossfire between my mother and my father. I felt alone and abandoned no one paid attention to the pain and hurt I felt,” she says.

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Now 23, Sarah says she had never seen her parents get along until they went to court for her daughter. She claims her family “kidnapped” her baby girl for no reason. Her father, Jim, mother, Sharon, stepmother, Cindy and Sister Jamie Lee, say Sarah’s ‘dangerous lifestyle’ meant the child wasn’t safe in her mother’s care. They’re claiming she put her little girl at risk by exposing her to dangerous situations involving drugs, gangs and other illegal activities, which Sarah strongly denies.

“My parents have labeled me as a trouble-maker but they don’t understand why I’ve acted out,” says Sarah who claims she’s made progress in her life and is now ready to take back custody of her child.

“Sarah, we’ve had you followed, you know, we know everywhere you go,” says her sister, Jamie Lee.

Jim says, “It means that we know you’re involved in the bathhouses … we know that you’re out dealing drugs … we know that you’re in the bad parts of town.”

“OK, goodbye. Ha, ha, ha, ha, what a joke. I told them not to do this to me,” says Sarah moments later, as she walks off the stage.

What does Dr. Phil say that helps Sarah to regain her composure? Are there steps can she take to help her reclaim control of her life?

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