Lois says her online love interest, “Fred,” told her he is an Oklahoma resident who is currently stuck in Africa. Lois says she sent “Fred” money to get home on multiple occasions, but for one reason or another, he has never made it back to the United States. Despite her family asserting that “Fred” is just one out of several scam artists who have catfished Lois in the past, she insists he is real.

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Dr. Phil introduces Lois to a man named Mark via Polycom. Mark, who lives in North Carolina, says he recently learned someone stole his picture and has been using it to catfish women online. Lois’ friend, “Fred,” appears to be using Mark’s photo.

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“Mark is a victim of identity theft,” says Dr. Phil, adding, “He is in no way a part of this at all – other than being a victim.”

When Dr. Phil asks Lois, “Can we cross ‘Fred’ off the list?” what is her response?

Part two of this three-part Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Watch Wednesday’s conclusion to learn whether Lois’ other digital romance, “Paul,” has also been catfishing her.

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