Teresa says since her husband died five years ago, she has been actively dating. She says she’s dated more than 20 men, including some she has met online.

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She says one of the men she met online, “Jeffrey,” scammed her out of $4,000. Another man, Target Bradshaw, whom Teresa has been speaking with for two years told her that he is 59 and lives in Nigeria but is from California.

Dr. Phil producers investigated and learned that no individual named Target Bradshaw has ever lived in California or the United States, and that person does not exist. They also were able to locate the man in the picture Teresa was sent whom the scammer claims is Target.

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In the video above, Teresa meets the real man from the photo in person. Hear how he says he’s fighting back against these scammers who have used his picture without his permission at least 100 times. And, hear how Dr. Phil and Robin say they have been scammed online by people trying to sell products using their names.

This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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